Derek Ramsay at Ellen Adarna, Inulan Ng komento Matapos Kumalat Ang Video Nilang Ito


Ellen Adarna and fiance Derek Ramsay trend anew after a video of them cυddℓιng circυℓαtєd on social media.

In the said video, the actress can be seen dashing towards Derek. The actor then carried and lifted Ellen before they twirled around.

Amid of the backlash the couple had been receiving ever since thee start of their dating rumors in January 2021, Ellen and Derek still choose to pay no mind about them.

In fact, after their engagement last March, they have already processing the papers for their marriage.

A lot of netizens are sharing mixed reactions about the timeline of their love story, but the couple have long explained the reason why they were able to take such fast paced romance.

For Ellen, especially, it was her mental stability that she achieved after months of training in Bali, Indonesia.

Derek, on the other hand, is fascinated with coincidence that happened all through out their relationship.

“Talagang there’s no plan, e. Talagang blindside.

“Talagang it came out of nowhere.Totoo naman. Hindi ko siya kilala, may common friends kami.”

And despite of the judgements about him being an ultimate womanizer, he said that he is sure with Ellen and knows that he will tie the knot with her someday.

Yeah, I mean, lahat naman ng tao or marami ang nagsasabi na hindi ko gusto magpakasal. Opinyon nila yun.

“Pero ako, gusto ko. Kaya ilang beses ko na sinasabi na gusto ko, ganun pa rin ang iniisip ng tao.

“Kaya nga sinabi ko, I’ll have the last laugh because I know one day I’ll get married. For sure.

“Ayoko lang magpakasal sa tao na hindi pala yun ang tama para sa akin.”

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Derek Ramsay, Inυℓαn Ng Komento Matapos Kumalat Ang Video Kung Pano Niya Itrato Ang Kanyang Anak

Ellen Adarna shares a candid father and son moment of his fiance, Derek Ramsay, with his 16 year old offspring, Austin.

In Instagram, Ellen uploads a video of the two rσυghhσυѕιng, trying to pull each other to the pool.

And while Austin was already having the upper hand, Derek flipped his son, successfully pushing him off the water.

“boys will be boys,” Ellen wrote.

Since 14 years old, Austin has been under Derek’s custody, and the actor shared how he parents the kid.

The Kapuso actor said in an interview, “He likes to wakeboard. He wakeboards a lot.”

The actor continued, “He’s into computers which I’m not into.

“That’s when I always tell him, ‘You have to get out.’ Sometimes kasi he just gets stuck in the room with the windows and the blinds shut.

“He gets lost in that world, and I tell him it’s not healthy for you. So I try to get him out more and I’m glad that he’s into wakeboarding now so that he gets some sun.”

And just like his dad, Austin is also a sports buff.

“He’s actually being very active because he’s athletic, e. Sometimes, you know, with the whole COVID thing, bawal talaga lumabas.

“It’s like cαn¢єr sitting down all day, playing in front of your computer or your cellphone or whatever gadget. So I try to balance that.”

Derek also gifted his son with his own dog, a golden retriever named Tootsie.

“I bought a dog so he would walk the dog. That’s his responsibility. All the other dogs, they’re all mine, but the one that you see in the kulungan, that’s Austin’s dog.

“It teaches him, like, a sense of responsibility, so everyday naman niya nilalakad.”

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