Foreigner From Denmark Left By Filipina After Wedding Leaving Him No Money


We have heard many stories of foreigners who are v/ctims of gold diggers in the country. Sadly, this kind of story is still happening.

It is such a shame and heartbreaking at the same time to heard if a Filipina got married into a rich foreigner only for the money.

This is what the story of a man fron Denmark who flew from their country to the Philippines to get married with a Filipina.

One concerned netizen posted the poor situation of this man. Netizen named Judy Ann posted photos of the man and some photos taken from their said wedding.

According to the post, Solager is already here in the country for a year now. Unfortunately, the woman took all of his money leaving him no choice.

Solager also built a house for them that it turns out that the files of the house are not named after him. The woman also kick him out of the house.

Having nowhere to go, Solager just sleep along the streets with street children.

On the said post, Judy Ann also uploaded photos of their wedding. The photos were orinally uploaded by a girl named Lyn Solagner.

Her photos say something about her relationship with the guy. This post immediately went viral and elicited different reactions from netizens.

Meanwhile, Judy Ann also asked to help them call the attention of Raffy Tulfo In Action. The netizens are commenting the official page of Tulfo.