INSPIRING STORY: PWD Graduates As Cum Laude In University of The Philippines!


As a Person With Disability, they usually get criticism from others saying negative things to them. But this man proves them really wrong.

It is very inspiring when a certain person achieves something in their life. But what would be more if that person has thousands of reasons to quit but he didn’t.

This story of a man with disability inspires many people.

He is Alexander Michael Bautista or known as Miggy who graduated as Cum Laude out of 4,600 students who graduated in University of the Philippines during his batch.

He took up Business Administration.

It turns out that his success was also because of his oarents and other people in the university.

According to him, he didn’t expect that he would graduate as a Cum Laude in UP Diliman.

Miggy was only two years old when he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) that affects his movements. Unfortunately, there is no medication for that until now.

But he didn’t let this to be a hindrance for achieving his dreams.

In 5:00 AM, his parents would ride him in his school from Montalban Rizal to UP. It would take them two hours.

Then they will assist Miggy from morning until his last class from jumping into one building to another.

Riding his wheelchair, Miggy would take all his class everyday.

According to her mother Soledad, they gained many friends who are helping them in assisting Miggy because there is an absence of person with disability facilities.

Soledad emotionally shared that sometimes they were mistaken as driver and caretaker of Miggy because they were with him through out the day.

But most of the people who sees them assisting him were compassionate enough to help them.

Congratulations, Miggy!