Isang OFW nag effort bilhan ng pasalubong ang isang matalik na kaibigan ; Ngunit nung nakitang hindi ‘branded’, BINLOCKED siya!


hey say that friendships that lasted for many years are already tested by time and, therefore, will be able to surpass any test thrown to them. But like all other things, everything has an exemption.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Lynne Cherrie proved this exemption in her latest experience. She never thought that the 8-year friendship she had with one of her friends would end just because Lynne refused to give her friend a BRANDED BAG.

Yes, you read it right. This friend of hers requested Lynne for a ‘may tatak’ bag as ‘pasalubong’.

Photo credit : Facebook: Lynne Cherrie

It has been the custom in our country for OFWs to give ‘pasalubong’ (souvenir) whenever they return home after years of working abroad. Abiding to this custom since she is about to have her vacation, Lynne reached out to some of her friends and sent them photos of bags they could pick upon. Her friends gladly, and excitedly picked their bag preferences from the photo that Lynne sent. 
However, one of her friends refused to select from those bags and firmly requested for a branded bag instead. She insisted for branded bags, preferably Gucci or MK bag, for her ‘pasalubong’. 

Photo credit : Facebook: Lynne Cherrie
Lynne tried to explain to her friend that she can’t afford to buy everyone a branded bag, so she encouraged her again to just choose from the set of bags that she sent. Lynne even told her friend that those bags are actually pretty ones. She also reminded the girl that there were only a few of them that she messaged to ask for pasalubong.

Photo credit : Facebook: Lynne Cherrie
But the girl seemed not to believe Lynne and told her not to be too humble. She even said that Lynne is ‘maarte’ when it comes to bags and suggested to have one of Lynne’s bags with ‘tatak’ to be given to her instead. When Lynne refused again to this request, the girl prompted to have shoes instead of bags.

Photo credit : Facebook: Lynne Cherrie

Clearly disappointed with how her friend acted, Lynne told her that she was the only one who acted indifferent towards her offer, out of the few other close friends she reached out. Suddenly, Lynne was shocked when she found out her friend BLOCKED her on social media.

Photo credit : Facebook: Lynne Cherrie
Furious at how her friend reacted when she refused to give in to her Gucci or MK bag request, Lynne called her friend out to social media stating how hard it is to earn money away from her family. She called her out suggesting how about she go find a job overseas for her to be able to finally buy the ‘may tatak’ bags that she requested. Lynne was utterly saddened at how a mere ‘pasalubong’ abruptly ended the 8-year friendship they had.

Source: Facebook: Lynne Cherrie