Sobrang Pag Gamit Ng Cellphone, Dahilan Sa Muntik Na Pagka Bulag Ng 4 Anyos Na Bata!


Are you one of parents or guardians who always let their kids play with their phone anytime they want and do not even give them a curfew to regulate the amount of time they consume browsing inside the digital world?

Perhaps this one’s for you, to give you a warning that letting a child get exposed on gadgets at an unhealthy amount of time will not only affect their character as a person but also their health!

On a viral Facebook post, a mother of a 4 year old girl wrote an awareness post to all other parents out there to not do everything they did that almost caused their daughter’s blindness.

According to them, they already let the kid play with their phone at a young age of two and since then, it became part of her lifestyle to casually use her phone like a grown up.

This caused her to suddenly lost her eyesight for a moment. The poor girl had to undergo a surgery to save her eyes but apparently, she will have to use glasses to correct her sight for the rest of her life.

According to Pediatrician at Health Communications Expert, Katrina Florcruz, MD, DPPS, too much usage of TV, tablet, computer and cellphone will never be okay, especially for a kid.
Added Dr. Florcruz, high exposure from the light and radiation from these gadgets can cause:


Napapagod ang mga muscles ng mata kapag matagal nakatitig sa screen ng gadgets. Maaari din ito magdulot ng headache.


Kapag matagal naka-focus ang mga mata sa gadgets, pwedeng humantong sa paglabo ng mga mata o kaya ay near-sightedness.


Ang mga bata na gumagamit ng gadgets ay mas madalang kumurap kung kaya’t natutuyo ang kanilang mga mata. Ilan sa symptomas ng “Dry Eyes” ay madalas na pagkurap (tuwing hindi gumagamit ng gadgets), pamumula ng mata, at pagkasilaw sa liwanag.”